Technology Projects from RHS Classrooms

Chris Kelly, Carl Rosin, Jessica Virguldi-Scott, Matt Torresani, Wendy Greenawalt


Video Projects - Jessica Virguldi-Scott
Student projects using Kodak pocket video cameras.

Beyond Wikis - Wendy Greenawalt
Wikis can contain Vokis (digital characters) to present information to students. They can link to a google document where students can respond to the character.
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Creating Software and Screen Tutorials Using Free Software - Chris Kelly
Create digital directions through video tutorials using Jing. Save classroom time and allow students to revisit demonstrations on their own.

Blogs - Carl Rosin
Blogs are easy to set up, but they can become a free-for-all, and it can be challenging to set expectations that prepare for useful assessment. In this session, we'll discuss ideas for blog rubrics and logistics, along with some of the goals behind having our students blog in the first place.

Google Drive - Matt Torresani
Use Google Drive or students to organize and hand in work.